Artek cover image


We designed's digital experience based on Alvar Aalto's maximes for Artek products: It is transparent, adaptable and pays the highest attention to details. It is innovative in form and line, while remaining stubborn where required.

In this sense, it is a digital product for and by Artek. The website presents the product catalogue and offers extended editorial content. We are responsible for its strategic foundation, visual design and technical implementation.


Artek Japan

As an extension to the global Artek website, we designed and built a special content offering in Japanese. It provides helpful services and casts an editorial eye on a Finnish brand much beloved by an discerning audience.

This satellite to the main Artek website was produced with the same level of care and attention to detail as its global companion. We are looking forward to extend Artek's brand presence in Japan in the future.

Design & production

W.A.F. (Andreas Lexa, Malte Müller, Friederike Wolf, Klara Neubauer, Nadine Schwery, Tim Rausch), Jens Franke, Martin Wolf, Sebastian Weyrauch (code), Sasha Hillingshäuser (system architecture), Maximilian Bartsch, Jan Reiser (photography), Maria Knabe (styling)