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We Are Fellows is a graphic design studio in Hamburg.

We create modern websites and visual identities.

We strictly believe in sophisticated brands and the intelligence of each user.

And we love to surprise by being both timely and timeless in our visual approach.

In case you need the very latest – we are your fellows: Andreas Lexa / Malte Müller.

Selected projects realized 2011—2014


+49 160 96 70 59 66


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We Are Fellows is a graphic design
studio based in Hamburg, Germany.

We create websites and
visual brand identities.

Hire us for creative direction and
next-level shit, as the kids say.

Call us on our mobile
+49 (0) 16096705966

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Brigitta Horvat Artists

Brigitta Horvat Artists Brigitta Horvat Artists Brigitta Horvat Artists Brigitta Horvat Artists Brigitta Horvat Artists


MyTheresa.com MyTheresa.com MyTheresa.com

CRD Select

CRD Select CRD Select CRD Select CRD Select CRD Select

OWL Optics

OWL Optics OWL Optics OWL Optics OWL Optics OWL Optics OWL Optics OWL Optics

Nabis Group

Nabis Group Nabis Group Nabis Group Nabis Group Nabis Group Nabis Group

Sarah Bernhard

Sarah Bernhard Sarah Bernhard Sarah Bernhard Sarah Bernhard Sarah Bernhard


Hypermarché Hypermarché Hypermarché Hypermarché Hypermarché Hypermarché Hypermarché Hypermarché Hypermarché Hypermarché Hypermarché

NEXT Berlin

NEXT Berlin NEXT Berlin NEXT Berlin NEXT Berlin NEXT Berlin NEXT Berlin NEXT Berlin NEXT Berlin NEXT Berlin NEXT Berlin

Sova Magazine

Sova Magazine Sova Magazine

Störmer Murphy & Partners

Störmer Murphy & Partners Störmer Murphy & Partners Störmer Murphy & Partners Störmer Murphy & Partners Störmer Murphy & Partners


Kirchner Kirchner Kirchner Kirchner Kirchner

Zimpel Online

Zimpel Online Zimpel Online Zimpel Online Zimpel Online Zimpel Online

Chez Bernard

Chez Bernard Chez Bernard Chez Bernard

We Are Fellows

We Are Fellows We Are Fellows We Are Fellows

Brigitta Horvat Artists

Brigitta Horvat Artists represents premier talent in the realm of both editorial and commercial photography - and has been doing so for more than 16 years.

We were comissioned to design and develop a new website to showcase a portfolio of the greatest variety. Our design solution optimizes access to the roster of photographers and directors while responding gracefully to any device and window size. An user experience living up to the excellence of the site's visual content.

Along with the website, we implemented a visual brand refresh. Our response employs a cleaner wordmark subtly referencing the precise technicality of studio equipment.

November 2013 –
March 2014

Website, brand refresh



MyTheresa.com is one of Europe's leading online retailers for high-end designer fashion. Operating from Munich, they have been carrying an exclusive assortment of international brands since the 1990s.

We were commissioned to redesign its digital storefront. Working closely with the MyTheresa.com team, we reimagined the site's user interface - in terms of structure, wording and visual design.

Our solution establishes an efficient way of navigating the site and placing orders, along with a fresh take on typography and using the company's colour scheme.

January 2014 – March 2014

UX & Design refresh


CRD Select

If you are looking for the place to spend your vacation, you could dig through travel platforms of many kinds. Or you could trust the able hands of CRD, Hamburgs experts on once-in-a-lifetime locations.

CRD commissioned us to develop a new platform to host their hand-picked favourite destinations. Working in an open-minded process, we responded with a simple, yet accordingly beautiful website.

On the site, destinations take center stage, showcasing beautiful photography and a bespoke set of illustrations.

We paid meticulous attention to detail while structuring the content to ensure a pleasant experience, where ever your journey takes you.

November 2013 –
February 2014

Website, illustration, branding


OWL Optics

Everybody likes working with friends. Being in the privileged position of having Talented Friends Doing Awesome Things, we sat down with David, Lars and Phil of OWL Optics to devise a new website for their pretty glasses.

OWLs central premise is simplicity – five numbered models, available in five colours. Therefore, we set out to create a beautiful, highly usable shopping experience that matches their elegance.

Our solution employs a clear layout and reserves maximum space for lookbook images and product shots. The clear aesthetic is challenged by some interesting interface patterns, providing some pleasant surprises among the sleekness. Shoo-hoo!

August 2012 –
March 2013

Website, digital lookbook


Nabis Group

Nabis is a young film production company hailing from Buenos Aires. Working as a collective, Nabis specializes in auteur films that have been critically acclaimed in both Southern America and Europe.

To match their enthusiasm, we developed a dynamic identity system. The logo is as playful as it’s simple and allows for a wide range of appliances.

We also created a new website for Nabis, providing maximum impact for video content while being easy to navigate. The one-page-site is based on HTML5 and JavaScript and works as well on touch-based devices as it does on your notebook.

The logo is featured in Los Logos 6, released by Die Gestalten.

September 2011 – December 2011

Identity system, website, stationery


Sarah Bernhard

Sarah Berhard has been one of our friends and most important collaborators since day one. Her impeccable eye for moods, arrangements and colours make her our first choice whenever reportage style photography is required. Her photos immediately speak to audiences in an intimate way.

For her portfolio website, we developed a simple, flowing interface. Images are composed into sets to tell stories and leave room for interpretation at the same time. The index page matches this notion with a dynamic layout, arranging itself based on chance and an algorithm, while the gallery views stream past in the most convenient way.

Sarah’s site scales dynamically to any window size, including full-content versions for mobile devices of various sizes, naturally.

August 2012 –
October 2012

Website, design and production



In Fall 2011, Here We Go assembled a team consisting of interior design studio Parat, architect Moritz Greiling and We Are Fellows. Together, we created the Hypermarché, a 600 square-metre temporary warehouse, café and stage in Hamburgs Hafencity.

We came up with a visual identity that references two things: the project’s temporary nature and the notion of claiming space. The latter is present in our key visual – a hand-drawn Hyper lettering that is as much callygraphy as it is graffiti tag. The visual is framed by an uttely simple layout, constructed from basic shapes and whitespace – informed by the process of building an equally simple wooden interior within a raw concrete warehouse.

To leave a mark on the streetscape, we also designed and constructed The Cube, a suspended light installation that was instantly recognizable from far.

October 2011 –
December 2011

Identity system, posters, stationary, installation


NEXT Berlin

NEXT Berlin is europe's leading digital conference, defining the cutting edge of digital culture through high-profile keynote speakers and workshops.

In 2013, we were selected to provide creative direction for the conference. We defined its visual language, including on-site branding, a set of thematic short films, a website and many other things big and small.

We took on NEXT's main theme "Here be Dragons" by building an experimental set made from smoke and projections that was subsequently explored through a series of photoshootings and films.

Our approach was completed through rigid typesetting and crisp use of colours to contrast the vague and almost dystopian imagery.

October 2012 –
April 2013

Creative direction and execution


Sova Magazine

Sova is a monothematic art magazine dealing with topics from culture to politics to sex, tackling them in unique photographic and editorial style.

For issue number four, we got invited by publisher Martin Petersen to contribute an artists poster to be included with the magazine.

We responded with an airy typographic solution that we subsequently intervened in a severe and colourful way. The application is hand-finished in glossy lacquer.

August 2012

Poster artwork


Störmer Murphy & Partners

Störmer Murphy and Partners, headed by Jan Störmer, is responsible for some of Hamburg's most iconic modern buildings.

Working closely with the team, we assembled a new website from ground up. It allows maximum room to document their portfolio of international projects, while employing minimal interaction patterns to make it accessible. This results in a flexible websites that adheres to a wide range of screen resolutions and devices.

We worked with photographer Sarah Bernhard to document the vibrant working environment of Störmer Murphy and Partners. Alex Feyerke wrote slick, responsive code.

October 2012 –
December 2012

Website, photgraphy, identity refresh



When Jan Kirchner approached us to develop an identity for his startup, we could not decline. Jan uses his deep knowledge of steel casting to create bespoke high-end bushings for bike frames.

Together with Jan, we developed a visual identity to match his level of dedication and workmanship. The visual brand reflects the flexibility of his products by combining an array of stylized bike frames ino a memorable geometric shape.

For the stationery, it is complimented by a strict arrangement on duotone paper and highlighted by lettering in Fux Light, reminiscent of Normschrift marginals.

since July 2011

Identity system, stationery

Zimpel Online

news aktuell comissioned We Are Fellows to design the user interface for their new core product, Epic Relations. We are working closely with mindmatters, who are developing the application. Epic Relations is built from scratch, with emphasis on user experience and accessibility.

Within the agile process, we came up with consistent, but highly flexible UI principles. This allows us to react to new features added with every iteration.

Epic Relations is a fun and rather complex project, and we learned a great deal about designing with an agile approach.

since June 2011

User interface design


Chez Bernard

We’ve been eating at Bernards restaurant for years, and we always thought his amazing maroccan-inspired menu deserves fame and recognition beyond his neighbourhood in Eppendorf.

So we became part of this family-run business for a while and developed a fresh corporate identity, drawing from his authentic Cuisine du Marché. It’s this simple, truthful style that made us choose one of his hero dishes – fresh artichoke – as a prominent visual element within the new identity.

It also includes a website, stationary and a pool of seasonal photos by Sarah Bernhard. All of them stressing Bernard’s authentic style. Find us at our favourite table any day of the week.

July 2011 –
December 2011

Corporate identity, stationery, website, photography


We Are Fellows

We always dreamed about having our own space. To work, to play, to blast music, to build, to mess, to inhabit. When we set up We Are Fellows, we occupied a light and very empty studio in Hamburgs Karoviertel.

Then we started building and collecting. Tables, racks, hardware equipment, vintage chairs and studio lights found their place, one after another. We filled drawers with business cards and stationery.

Our space keeps evolving as we keep learning. It’s the manifestation of what we believe in. An ongoing, ever evolving project. This is our Studio.

since July 2011


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